Brand and markets

The Company strategy is based on a synergic fusion between licensed and property brands, whose combination puts Keyart SpA in a high-level market share.

This versatile productivity connects the company with an always increasing number of sale stores worldwide. The Company is currently researching for the development of the ambitious project of interiors’ cornerization, a concept related to the development of multi-brand Retail with licensed and property brands. This project exceeds the corporate franchising: as it is more an advanced trademarketing formula.

The corporate versatility allows a good consolidation not only on the Italian national market but it also permits a first-rate expansion on other important markets such as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Russia and New Republics, United States of America, Quatar, Arabian Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Greece.

The presence of Keyart brands in the most important international fashion exhibitions confirms the investment made on foreign markets. The recent opening of the showroom in Milan, via Tortona 28, represents a big opportunity in terms of commercial relationships, buyers partnership, contacts with media and, above all, meeting the worldwide customers range.

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