There are girls who are discovering fashion and defining part of their identities through that discovery. They are self-sufficient and independent girls, both curious and self-assured, who have their own ideas on aesthetics and the objects around them. They are not babies any longer, but are not adults yet: it’s the transitional period between “innocence and experience”.

Today Keyart devotes its new ILLUDIA line to those girls. ILLUDIA means being sophisticated without being vulgar. ILLUDIA marks he beginning of one’s own self-affirmation as a person. ILLUDIA is a touchstone between mothers and daughters, the latter mirroring the image of the former. That is the origin of this idea by KeyArt: providing items for baby women, i.e. girls who are not full blown yet but are imitating their mothers’ style.

The emergence of an alliance between mothers and daughters and participating in a young girl’s growth: these are the distinctive points of the Illudia spirit. Illudia is the line for girls who, by approaching the world of fashion, develop their own personality through style. The collections will meet different needs depending on the occasion: casual and careless at school or every day, elegant and sophisticated on the occasion of ceremonies. Small dresses, decorated with embroideries and applications, will be one of its strengths. Although it has focussed on details, Keyart has developed a line accessible for all because it is articulated according to different price levels. Keyart contributed to the project with its specialised know-how and strong inclination to service, i.e. its consolidated strengths acknowledged by the market. Consequently, the in-house vertically integrated production will provide an example of certified quality of authentic products Made in Italy.

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