The list of brands managed by Keyart SpA, the Carpi-based kidswear company run by the Romitti family, is getting longer and longer. A few days ago, the founders of the Turin-based brand, Roberto and Iride Palladino, signed an agreement for the international distribution of the Kid's Company brand.

As from the next Autumn/Winter 2014 sales campaign, the Kid's Company ranges - for boys and girls aged 0 to 12 - will therefore be available in Keyart's sales network, which has showrooms in Milan and Carpi.

Under the agreement, some "Bottega Keyart" corner stores (the corporate multi-brand format recently launched by Keyart) will also be opened within the Kid's Company stores of Turin, Genoa and Grugliasco (Le Gru shopping mall).

Kid's Company will complement Keyart's current brands - which include Illudia, Paesaggino, La Martina Junior  - bringing in its bon-ton style, made of sleek, plain and elegant lines embellished by hand-made details, which are the company's trademark from theiR past as a tailor's shop.

"We are very sElective about the partnerships and licencens we are asked for", says Gianni Romitti, CEO at Keyart - "At Kid's Company, however, we have found precious assets from the perspective of our company's development plans. It is the product that can effectively complement our ranges and result in important, synergic sales partnerships".

Kid's Company was born in Turin over twenty-five years ago as the continuation of a family-run tailor's shop.As it grew into a veritable business, and a sound retail division as well, it never compromised on its artisanal approach, made of care for the tiniest details, an accurate choice of materials and good value for money. Nowadays, the brand is sold in the best multi-brand and department stores in the world.

"A love for the Made in Italy was the ground on which such partnership has grown" - says Roberto palladio of Kid's Company. "We found that care for children's needs, a passion for Italian made products, are values shared by both companies. These factors will be the ethical ground our partnership will grow on".

Both Keyart and Kid's Company are universally known as the producers of genuine Made in Italy products, invariably preferred by large numbers of consumers all over the world. This agreement is expected to provide important synergic developments, especially in terms of global distribution and retailing.

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