Strategic production line

18’000 squared meters compose the Carpi’s Company headquarter, an extraordinary example of vertical structure from weaving to customer service. The Company activities take place in a structure that includes management, administration and commercial offices, showroom, and two different logistic centers.

Furthermore the edifice includes a fabric cut department, inner embroidery division, fabric warehouse and research and style quarters. The inner production –representing the most consistent company’s turnoveris managed by highly qualified team while materials are tested and guaranteed. Moreover, Keyart relies on the co-operation of selected workshops, often exclusive and always supervised by the efficient internal staff. This versatile and dynamic distribution ensures Keyart SpA management to follow each manufacturing phase: a sign of quality, punctuality and efficiency.

The annual production, estimated in about 750.000 pieces, is managed and supervised by experts through an informatics platform that guarantees best efficiency in the latest productive processes. This system makes Keyart SpA as one of the most competitive national company operating in the kids wear market, reaching high level service standards and providing an immediate answer to the market.

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